End-User Training

End user trainingEnd-user training is perfect if you have staff who simply aren’t making the most of the Microsoft software you have.  Catering especially to non-technical users, we put the power of Microsoft into easily understandable contexts and help your staff to see the potential in the software they take for granted.

End-user training can benefit your staff and your company in so many ways.  Teach your staff how to streamline their email communications, saving time and eliminating distractions.  We can make Excel more human for the non-nerds among us and we can show your staff how to create Word documents and PowerPoint presentations which have true impact and readability.  We can also take the mystery out of OneNote and show how it can become a truly useful tool.

From tips and tricks with the operating system to added value hidden gems in your office software, we provide the training your staff need in order to maximise your software investment.  For example, we can train on Windows 10, Office 365, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.


End-user training can be run in-person or online.