On-boarding Training

Office 365 Starter Day training

Are you moving to or using Microsoft Office 365? Did you realise it is a shift in thinking, with a host of new features to improve productivity, agility and save time?

Have your business users trained in the Office 365 Starter Day.

  • The course gets everyone on the same level
  • Users of new versions of Office may get frustrated and lose productivity when a new version comes out. This course gets them up to speed in one day
  • They will have hands-on training, on computers installed with Office 365
  • We cover the new features in a series of modules throughout the day
  • Pick 6 modules that you would like to cover from a wide selection
  • Training is run by a company accredited by Microsoft and is led by a dynamic instructor

The day Includes

  • All equipment
  • Lunch and refreshments, including snacks to keep the brain cells fed throughout the day
  • Office 365 installed on the equipment
  • Training materials
  • Dynamic, interesting presenter who will make this engaging, as well as productive
  • Access to the modules electronically afterwards – with recordings, so you can remember what you learnt in the day

Who is it for?

Non-technical business users. We aim to get everyone productive on Outlook, Excel, Word, the Office 365 portal, PowerPoint, Teams and more.