Productivity Buzz Days for Resellers


Are you an Office 365 reseller looking to boost revenues, renew more licences, upsell more products and build long-term relationships with your clients?

It’s time to create a Buzz.

We all know that Microsoft Office 365 is packed full of features that can help your clients work better, work faster and be more productive from anywhere.  But when your clients aren’t using the software to its full capacity you can quickly lose revenue when they don’t renew.  Or even worse, they could buy from a competitor next time around because they don’t value your relationship.


So what’s the answer?  Buzz Days.

A Microsoft Office 365 Buzz Day is a day of dynamic, interactive sessions that gets your clients excited about their new desktop  capabilities.  During each 75 minute session – which is repeated throughout the day – we show them the latest features and how to get things done faster and more efficiently.

As a reseller, Buzz Days can help you:

  • Build long term partnerships with your clients
  • Differentiate your managed services offering by delivering additional value
  • Increase licence usage to maximise renewals and retain clients
  • Upsell higher functionality which boosts revenues
  • Introduce a new revenue stream to your business
  • What’s more, we run every aspect of the Buzz Day for you, whether that’s in-house or via Skype for Business.
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What to expect on a Buzz Day.

Because each Buzz Day session is 100% demo based, the content can be customised for your clients.  We may focus on the main Office apps like Outlook, Excel or Word.  Or we may cover Skype for Business, Teams, Mobility, OneDrive and Delve.  We can even tailor Buzz Day sessions to specific job roles e.g. Finance users or PAs.


What next?

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