Productivity Buzz Day Events

If you’re a large organisation (more than 100 users) and you’re rolling out an IT upgrade, we have a very special service which could help you.

All too often, IT upgrades are dreaded by users instead of eagerly anticipated and once the roll out is complete, non-technical users typically use the new software in exactly the same way they used the old, failing to take full advantage of new features and benefits.

An Imageframe Buzz Day is a special event which can help to make your IT roll out fun and interesting for your users, and what they learn on this day will also make them much more productive.

Called Buzz Days because of the buzz they produce, our Buzz Days consist of rolling 75 minute theatre style demonstrations to users, typically repeated three or four times in the day.  We’ll show users what their new systems involve and how they can save time, effort and frustration.  Alongside this, we can also run an IT event with stalls to allow users a hands-on look at pilot machines and new devices.

Highly useful for getting users on the side of the IT department rather than seeing them as a nuisance, a Buzz Day should not be missed if you’re looking towards a large upgrade.

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Buzz Days offer the following outcomes:

  • Increase end-user awareness, productivity and consumption of your productivity platform
  • Reduce negativity and trepidation and get users on the side of the roll-out
  • Pre-empt the most common support calls and complement floorwalking activities
Download Office 365 Buzz Days product sheet (1.3Mb PDF file)

Download Office 365 Buzz Days FAQs (1.2Mb PDF file)

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